This project was developed from 2011. It took us thousands of hours just to find the right keywords, develop various algorithms to split websites with / without banned content, as well as creating infrastructure to handle such a large portion of data. Until now, we provided our technology internally for tens of our partners, who own projects with large number of web pages and millions of external links. We found out that periodical checking of these links, in order to be inside Terms of Services of most advertising systems (AdSense, Media.net) is almost impossible, since it would take hundreds of hours.

That’s how SafeAds was born – as a filter to remove p*rn links. Then, we added some more keywords to filter out casino sites, electronic cigarettes, and much more. In these days, we cover tens of sites, which used to have problems with external links, but these problems are over now.

We do not say SafeAds is 100% bulletproof. But, our database contains over 500.000 keywords, that can dramatically reduce risk of your account being banned because of single, but very,very bad link.