How SafeAds work & can help you?

"Your Google Adsense account has been disabled". Subject of email, a nightmare, that nobody would like to receive. Usually, this kind of email from Google means your advertising income from your websites will be returned back to AdWords advertisers, and you will never see a single penny any more. Moreover, you are not allowed to create a new AdSense account. There may be multiple reasons when you receive this kind of email. We can help you with it. How?

1) Visitor lands on your web page...

... but even before the page is displayed, SafeAds tries to take a look at all links on the page...

2) Bad links found ?

When we find links, that point to p*rn, parked domains, malware-hacked websites and another kind of policy violations.....

3) Filter it!

We filter out these links with **** and 'Link censored' text. All this in a fraction of time. Congratulations - your website is safe now.

Technology behind

It seems pretty easy, isn't it? Even Google suggests you to protect your AdSense account by filtering articles and links, that obviously point (or write) about banned topics. We can tell you - it's endless story. Our database of banned words across different policy violations (adult, pharmacy, gambling) now contains more than 500.000 words across 30 most used languages and is still getting bigger and bigger. We use these data to identify level of banned content on linked domain, and it reached given treshold, this link is considered as dangerous and your links pointing to this domain will not show. All this in nearly real-time - protecting you from links to hacked sites, malware, parked domains, and expired domains with new owners (and again, user by spammer for promoting p*rn and casino).

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